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Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French, Author

America's Master of
Scholarly Fiction™

"Scholarly Fiction™ Defined" - (1) Personal truths vs personal lies; (2) Written ideologies expressed with such imagination literary mindsets can't judge content truths either way; And, (3) inner thoughts publicly shared but never aligned to a specific origin.


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Gripping Fiction from the American Online Bookstore

Cops And Lovers: Unspoken Truths About Crimes & Relationships!

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French is also a world traveler. He has enjoyed immersing himself in various cultures and studying the human condition wherever he may be. He writes engrossing history books, based on his enjoyment of learning new things and discovering connections with the past.

American Online Bookstore offers books written by Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French. He has been writing for 20 years, producing historical accounts of people, places, and things and recently decided to try his hand at writing gripping fiction. He has embarked on a new journey into the world of what he classifies as "scholarly fiction." Scholarly fiction treads the middle ground between fact and fiction.

Cops & Lovers Book Cover

Enjoy great
detective fiction.

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books online.

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Book Of U

Read about Washington DCs early days.

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Offered as a hardback book or tabletop book.

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