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A New Kind of Detective Story and More

At American Online Bookstore, Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French is entering the literary world with a category he calls "Scholarly Fiction," a genre that treads the middle ground between fact and fiction. Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French is the author of "Cops and Lovers: Truths about Crimes and Relationships." In this exciting novel, the protagonist, Detective Bishop Calloway, has his ego, biases, and introspections, in full view while investigating heinous crimes and partaking in various romantic dalliances along the way. Explore the fantastic world of crime and relationships in a new kind of detective story.
Cops and Lovers is the first of a magnificent series written on an annual basis! Identify with one or more characters! Compare and contrast biases, values, and beliefs to your own! It's impossible to read just one!

Historically Speaking

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French also writes about historically significant and interesting places and events! Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French has attended The National Black Book Festival in Houston, TX. His 2021 book signing schedule includes: The Washington, DC National Auto Show; The Tampa, Florida Book Festival; and the Los Angeles Times Book Festival;
Due to current coronavirus precautions, future book signings in Atlanta, Orlando, Chicago, and Toronto have been cancelled.

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