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Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller - Circa 1940s

View “CBS 60-Minutes: Virginia Plantation”

Narrated by Lesley Stahl / Aired 5/15/22

This Book is Sarah Miller’s
“Humanistic Destiny!”

Proud Ancestral Histories!

An Inspirational and Educational

Search for Truths!

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French


[“Contents herein should not be classified as historical fiction. It shall not become the next Television Series “Roots: An American Saga” nor a continuation of the well-known movie “Gone with the Wind!” The intent is to capture actual periods of Sarah’s existence. Phrases like . . . “as the story goes” . . . must become an accepted mindset to interested readers. Unfortunately, I’ve struggled with written descriptors found within our native tongue. No matter how researched the English language, there are no semantics or sentences bearing enough humanistic value to respectfully describe 400 years of Slavery – Post-Emancipation, or not. Performing this task quickly had become a verbal nightmare. An impossibility because, while acknowledging society’s broad feelings about Slavery . . . “Sharswood Plantation’s world of Slavery was, in retrospect, ‘my’ Miller’s World of Slavery!” America’s 400 years of oppression was taking on a more intense discretion. I’m, therefore, proactively thanking all interested patrons for acknowledging the descriptors I’ve selected. I’ve promised Sarah I’d do the best writing possible. I hoped I’ve succeeded in this endeavor.”]

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French


A Televised “60-Minutes” of Glory!

Sarah Miller – the matriarch to a community of Slaves - was called home to her Lord in 1949. She was born 1868 in Pittsylvania County – the Commonwealth of Virginia. Her birth occurred several years after the end of the Civil War (1865) during a questionable Emancipation Proclamation. Sarah spent most of her life on Sharswood Plantation. It produced mostly tobacco and cotton since the 17th Century. Sarah’s parents were David Miller and Violet Miller. They married and gave birth to Sarah while Slave properties of Nathaniel C. Miller – the Sharswood Plantation owner. Nathaniel C. Miller was a leader in Pittsylvania County’s Tobacco Industry. His plantations had the largest community of Slave laborers since the 1700s. Years of Slavery came and went. Sharswood was sold to a nearby Thompson Family in the early Twentieth Century (1920s). The Thompsons’ sold off parcels of the plantation over the following decades. The final parcel of 10.5 acres was sold (unknowingly) to one of Sarah’s great grandsons - Fredrick Miller - in 2020. The final parcel of Sharswood land included a giant gothic house. The residence was built for the wealthy family of Miller Plantation owners by a New York City Designer in the mid-1800s. The design included a single home for the Master Overseer, and additional housing for a small community of Slave laborers.
Fredrick Miller, Sarah’s descendant who purchased the property, discovered Sharswood was the same plantation that enslaved his and Sarah’s ancestors for centuries. (It should be noted, however, in Pittsylvania County the Miller Surname is a common name.) A collaboration of Fredrick’s descendants identified Sarah as his great grandmother. Sarah was the Ancestor to many grandkids, cousins, etc. David Miller and Violet Miller were listed as Sarah’s parents. They married while Slaves on this same Sharswood Plantation. Researchers also suggested David and Violet were owned by different Miller plantation owners before their union. Miller plantation owners before and after David and Violet’s marriage were Nathaniel C. Miller, Charles E. Miller, and other Sharswood Millers dating back hundreds of years. Genealogists validated the Plantation Millers and the Miller Slave Family connection. The rest of the story, as the saying goes . . . Is history! The CBS “60-Minutes Television Show” heard of the amazing plantation connection. A Sunday Night Segment aired May 15, 2022. Lesley Stahl was the featured Narrator.
Was this humanistic discovery a coincidence?
Ardie Miller watched the “CBS 60-Minutes” segment. She recognized the gothic home, and more! “That’s old Grandma Sarah!” she noted. Although Ardie was previously advised of the show, her exclamation occurred without hesitancy. Ardie easily recognized Sarah Miller - the Matriarch of Sharswood. She also remembered Sarah had given birth to a son around 1886. His name was Raleigh Miller.
Fred Miller’s “million-to-one” discovery of Sarah shall be acknowledged in written form by Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French . . . of all people! “Might this subjective task have a personal, unknown value?” a thought, wondered.

I’m asking because “Glory Be!” it’s been validated that . . .

I,  Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French,
Am also a Great-Grandson of Sarah Miller!
Go Figure!
So read on about the Legacy of Sarah Miller . . . There’s much, much more!

Preface continues . . .

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French